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Facing into a Difficult Diagnosis

• LIVING WELL with Serious Illness: 

Mindfulness Tools to Optimize Quality of Life and Well-Being


• HEART of the MATTER: 

Mindfulness Tools for Surviving and Thriving Caregiver Stress


Radiant Presence Qigong™ for Vitality Cultivation



A Somatic  Approach to Energy & Vitality Cultivation with Radiant Presence Qigong™ & Meditation



Moving Beyond Advance Care Planning


You may have attended the 6 event series, Your Life. Your Death. Your Choices., or you might already have documented your wishes through an Advance Directive and/or POLST.


You may now be thinking… “What’s the next step for me?”


What I have learned as a patient, a caregiver, and a healthcare provider, is that the stresses of a new diagnosis, of living with chronic or serious illness, and of being a caregiver often breed a sense of uncertainty and isolation.


My experience, and studies, have shown that group work and group classes are effective in creating physical and emotional resilience ~ an increased ability to cope with stress, an increased clarity of mind to help with decision-making, increased compassion for self and others, and a sense of community.


The goal of my work is to help you find ways to live well in the midst of the challenges of a difficult diagnosis and will:

  • Improve your Quality of Life ~ whether you are the person with an illness or a caregiver.

  • Offer many ways to relieve the symptoms, pain and stress of serious illness or diagnosis.

  • Help you reconnect with your inner resources in the service of your healing and to help you live fully, no matter where you are on the continuum of your illness.


In an effort to provide the kinds of services you want and need, I invite you to complete the following brief form for each of the Group and/ or Classes you are interested in.

** Please drop me a personal email if you are interested in virtual, live, on-line group or class.


Your participation and responses will help form my next set of offerings.


Thanks for your interest and time.



Selene Seltzer

Living Well with Serious Illness

An Integrative Program of Support for Your Healing Journey

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