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Here are some frequently asked questions



What are your private sessions like?


Individual private sessions are tailored to your specific needs and may include spiritual care and counseling, tablework of a variety of somatic modalities, energy work, instruction and practice in spiritual and medical qigong and contemplative practices/meditation.


What are your group practices like?


Supportive and safe group practices include instruction and guidance in qigong, contemplative practices/meditation and realizing Body-Heart-Mind Wisdom.


Whether it is group practice or individual sessions, this work relieves the Body-Heart-Mind and releases the habitual holding patterns to allow the transformation you desire.


How many appointments will I need?


It all depends on you and your desires and needs. I provide short-term care for immediate and acute issues, as well as continuity of care for clients seeking deep, explorative and self-transformative work or for those with chronic or serious illness. My work aims to reduce suffering in the body, heart-mind and spirit. And if there is anything I’ve learned, we cannot impose a time frame on transformation and healing.


The frequency and number of sessions will depend on your individual needs and situation. Some feel a shift after a few sessions. For some this happens after a single session. Some have the desire for a long-term collaboration as we journey together through a deep loss, chronic condition or serious illness.


After your concerns have been addressed you may choose to have regular 'maintenance' sessions or you may return for a couple of sessions whenever you are ready to work on something else.


Some people return on a weekly basis just because they like how relaxing it is, the work offers them deep insights and it allows them to take time for themselves. They think of it as self-care.


I am not ill, but something is missing in my life. Would your work be appropriate for me?


Does this sound like you?

  • You are frequently stressed-out and overwhelmed by the challenges and turmoil of daily life and this troubled world.

  • You are in a helping profession faced with a reduction of critical resources and asked to work harder and faster.

  • Often your body is hurting and tight – you find it hard to relax, and even harder to find the peace you once knew.

  • Work pressures and family obligations are weighing you down.

  • You’ve lost a sense of yourself and balance in your life.

  • Your heart is sore, your resistance is worn down

  • You’re looking for a respite from doing and a new way of being.

  • What you’ve been doing to find relief isn’t working, yet you’ve had a glimpse of the possible.


You may be ready to partner with an experienced guide who can meet you where you are and support your own growth, unfolding and healing.


The result of this work is “Less Stress, More Joy, and Greater Well-being”. Schedule a session and see!


Deep insights and profound experiences happen during our sessions and are wonderful. But how do I incorporate and stabilize these profound shifts into my life?


Permanent, meaningful change happens through continuity of care and continuity of practice.

  • Continuity of care includes regularly scheduled follow-up appointments which includes ongoing contact and support.

  • Continuity of practice includes working with suggested practices at home and on a regular basis, focused one-to-one check-in sessions, additional classes, retreats, or workshops.


Be kind to yourself, be consistent and when you’ve set down your practice for a time, simply begin again.


I am interested in personal growth and support on my spiritual path. Would your services be appropriate for me?


The integrative work I offer opens us to the Wisdom of the Body and the Intelligence of the Heart and cultivates a felt sense of ease and well-being by:

  • Restoring and rebuilding an attitude of self-care so as to better serve others.

  • Reducing stress, building resilience and increasing your capacity for appropriate response, instead of knee-jerk reaction.

  • Rediscovering lost vitality.

  • Finding relief from chronic physical and emotional pain.

  • Re-awakening your passion for your work and your life.

  • Finding balance and harmony within yourself.

  • Resting in radiant peace and serenity, passion and joy, vitality and vibrancy.

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