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About the WORK 

I can also collaborate with your other healthcare providers to create a supportive team in offering a new model of whole-person, participatory healing.


By serving as your Spiritual Care Specialist, you can be assured that your values and beliefs will be an integral part of a total plan of care. We will work together to optimize your emotional, social, spiritual wellbeing and quality of life.


I believe that challenges and difficulties can be transformed into a felt-sense of ease and wellbeing no matter your circumstance. 


By honoring all spiritual and religious diversity, I can help you align your treatment and life choices with your values, spiritual beliefs and the quality of life you desire. 

Spiritual's many expressions 


Often when you are faced with uncertainty through pain or stress, loss or illness, you often feel fear, denial and disbelief and are understandably distressed. You often need a safe place to explore your concerns, hopes, fears. Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, you want to be fully met, wish to be heard, accepted, and encouraged as you seek resolution and reconciliation.


Through Spiritual Care & Counseling as well as Mindfulness training programs and Somatic Awareness Training & Inquiry (SATI)™, I offer relief of suffering in the body - heart/mind - spirit.  The goal of our work together is to ease any spiritual or emotional distress you may be feeling as well as help to release habitual holding patterns in the body which create physical and emotional discomfort and pain in the body. We work together to reconnect you with your own emotional and spiritual resources in the service of your healing. 


  • Private sessions may include psycho-spiritual inquiry/pastoral counseling, somatic table-work, Qigong, and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction.

  • Supportive and safe group classes and clinics are also offered.

  • Sessions are also available by Skype or phone.

  • Office or Home Visits Available.


Taking the time to slow down with someone willing to deeply listen often brings a sense of deep relaxation, comfort and relief. Clients often report they feel clearly seen, not judged and accepted just as they are. 


Our time together focuses on what matters most to you ~ whether it is finding psycho-spiritual support for relief of physical symptoms, emotional support or helping your family support system understand more about you, your prime concerns and your care.

I help you prioritize those things that improve your and your family's quality of life and formulate a supportive, holistic plan.


Bringing wisdom and compassion to each moment together — we live at the shifting edge of possibility, holding and expressing care and concern for whatever falls into the circle of our experience.


There are many way to find what's true for you... and to support you on your journey!


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