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Compassionate Care in Times of Transition & Loss

Simply stated, it's what nurtures the human spirit in coping with change or crisis. Spiritual Care provides comfort, support and mobilizes your own deep resources for coping, healing, as well as, emotional and spiritual growth.


Often my role is to provide a safe place for patients, their family or caregivers, especially when any of them have sensitive issues regarding concerns, hopes, fears and spirituality that they want to explore outside the treatment setting. Addressing the emotional distress of patients and families is one important component of quality spiritual care.


Spirituality is about the human spirit and it’s transformation. Spiritual Care offers support.  It is an expression of care and compassion to the human spirit seeking connection, meaning and purpose – to the moment, to self, to others, to nature and to the Sacred – however it manifests for you.


Spiritual Care provides compassionate guidance, yet does not see you as needing to be “fixed”. My focus is on serving and listening to you as we journey together and meet the challenges of living with illness or facing into the end of life.




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