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Humans are complex creatures with complex needs. Often we feel physical and emotional pain, we suffer and feel distress. Whole-person care recognizes that our body - heart/mind - spirit are interconnected and interrelated. Integrative, holistic care offers many ways to relieve suffering in the body - heart/mind - spirit.


The goal of our work together is to relieve any psychological or spiritual or emotional distress you may be feeling and help release any habitual holding patterns in the body - heart/mind - spirit that create discomfort in the body, as well as reconnect you with your inner emotional and spiritual resources in the service of your healing. 


Taking the time to slow down and drop deeply into your own experience provides the opportunity for a felt-sense of peace and ease to arise and brings deep relaxation, comfort and relief.


Spiritual Care & Counseling is often done individually. In each individual session we, in partnership, respond to what your needs are in the moment. We may share tears of grief or joy; we may sit in silence enjoying each other's company or have deep, heart-felt conversations about what matters most to you. 


Mindfulness Meditation Programs are offered as group classes. Over 35 years of scientific research on Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) has demonstrated that mindfulness practices help many with chronic pain and other conditions that are not helped by traditional medicine. 


Somatic Awareness Training & Inquiry (SATI)™ programs are offered both individually or as group classes and enfold many of the modalities listed below. A personalized program can be developed to suit your desires and needs.


When we each bring wisdom and compassion to each moment together — we live at the shifting edge of possibility, holding and expressing care and concern for whatever falls into the circles of our experience.


There are many ways to find what's true for you... and to support you on your journey!

Here are some tried and true ways to deal with the the challenges of loss or illness, pain and stress.


The heart of meditation is mindfulness -- the simple act of paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally. But mindfulness isn’t just about what we ordinarily consider to be “the mind;” it’s also about the body (the soma) and about the heart.


In Asian traditions, the word for mind and the word for heart are the same. So if you know mindfulness as heartfulness, you are really understanding it in a very deep way. Compassion and kindness towards oneself are intrinsically woven into it. 


Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction is a training program in mindfulness.



"METTA-morphosis"™ is a process of transformation

that occurs by the offering of lovingkindness. 


"Metta", the Pali word for unconditional friendliness/lovingkindness, is an offering of goodwill. When directed towards ourselves, this compassionate well-wishing becomes the foundation of deep and lasting transformation.


By releasing self-judgment and finding self-acceptance, we learn to access a sense of embodied openness, expanding our sense of receptivity and steady open-heartedness, and we increase our capacity to re-connect more easily with our true nature that is open, loving, accepting and free of fear.


Somatic tablework helps quiet the mind, calm the nervous system

and unwinds the habitual holding patterns of the body


The "Chrysalis Process™" is an exploration of "the body as an expression of consciousness", is profoundly relaxing and often gives the direct experience of connecting with sacred realms.


This hands-on modality, done fully clothed, provides an access to deep and profound insight and transformation through connection with and fully inhabiting the body. It is based on the teaching “The Body is the gateway, the Breath is the path, Self-Compassion is the guidepost”.


Qigong is an ancient healing art of slow, mindful movements that unites and strengthens body, mind and spirit. The word ‘Qigong’ translates as “energy or vitality cultivation”. Radiant Presence Qigong™ is an integration of medical and spiritual qigong. These practices are used to create, balance and promote good health and bring a physical, emotional and spiritual sense of well-being.


Through these simple practices grounded in the body, the breath, the heart and open awareness, we embody and explore these practices as a means to experience Embodied Presence – a place of transformation and healing. The practices can be done standing or sitting. If standing or sitting practice is not possible, benefit may also be received by lying quietly and observing someone practicing Qigong and slowing one's breath to match the practitioner's.

Radiant Presence Qigong
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